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2014 Packers Player Resort Vacation – Feb. 16th-23rd, 2014


2015 Vacation Details Coming Soon

We’ll have details on next year’s vacation shortly but feel free to have a look around since we’ll be offering something similar next year.


Exclusive Activities with the Guys!

You’ll get the chance to engage in all sorts of activities with some of your favorite Packers players, including:

  • “Get Acquainted” Cocktail Party
  • Autograph & Picture Session
  • Question & Answer Session
  • Beach Olympics
  • Packers Scavenger Hunt (7 day only)
  • Farewell Cocktail Party (7 day only)
  • …and much more!

Get Acquainted Cocktail Party

Meet & greet with fellow Packers Fan Tours vacation attendees and chat it up with the guys while you enjoy great food and drink.

Autograph & Picture Session

Get up close and personal with the guys while you get a chance to capture everlasting memories!

Question & Answer Session

Have your tough questions ready! Learn interesting facts about the guys in an eye-opening session you won’t find in a more “formal” setting!

Beach Olympics

Your chance to compete against professional Packers players for Vallarta supremacy.

Packers Scavenger Hunt

Details TBA! Collect your treasures and see which team win at the end.

Farewell Cocktail Party

The ending ceremony a fantastic Packers vacation!

Available in 7-Day Package.


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