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Between the Lines (May 25, 2016 – S01E06)

seanjones_chris_havelChris Havel and Sean Jones present Between the Lines, Event USA’s new exclusive, weekly podcast featuring in-depth discussion and analysis regarding the NFL and the Green Bay Packers.

This week the podcast features: 

  •  A veteran’s viewpoint, recognizing that while rookies get a lot of ink, it’s the veterans who are the backbone of the team.
  • We talk about Year 1, but … What’s it like in Year 2? In Year 6? In Year 10?
  • How does one’s body change? How does one’s mind change? One’s spirit? The will to win?
  • What’s it like going through coaching changes?
  • On the head coaching level? On the assistant coach level? The position group guys are the closest of all.
  •  How does one’s family adjust and grow into the NFL’s rhythm of its own life?
  • … and more!

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