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Super Bowl LIII

At Event USA, we have a long tradition of getting fans to the Super Bowl!

Super Bowl Game Tickets

We have Super Bowl tickets in areas throughout the stadium. And our prices are the best out there. Don’t forget when you shop for Super Bowl tickets that many sellers, such as Stub Hub, add large fees to your order that you do not see until you check out. In fact, many sellers add as much as 15-20% to your order. Our only fee is for shipping and a small handling fee.

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Super Bowl Game Packages

If you need more than just game tickets, we can create a customized package for you to suit your needs. Your package may include the following items, and much more:

  • Hotel
  • Super Bowl parties
  • Transportation in Atlanta
  • Complete Atlanta event information
  • Optional Air transportation from your choice of departure cities
    … And much more!

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We also buy tickets for the Super Bowl and other high-demand events every day! If you have Super Bowl or other tickets of interest to us, call (920) 438-1640 or contact us today! If we have need for your tickets, we may buy them outright or offer to take them on consignment.

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