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Tickets for Paul McCartney

Lambeau Field
Green Bay, WI

Jun 8, 2019
8:00 pm

You can select tickets in two ways, by General Category Area or by Exact Section & Row, as described in the tabs below.

About General Stadium Category Steating

Here you may select your seating from the stadium categories shown on the map. We then will assign tickets in that category to you. If you don't want to pick an exact section and row, you will typically get greater value picking in the category method. Note that these tickets are typically not delivered to you until the week prior to the event. We guarantee up to four tickets together in this method, but you can order any quantity you want and we will attempt to keep your group as close as possible.

About Suites & Other Premium Seating

Here you can select from our most luxurious and exclusive seating options. Suites are private areas exclusive to you and your guests with many amenities. These usually hold up to 20 persons, but capacities will vary. Here also are club seating choices, both indoor and outdoor versions. With club seats you get many of the upgraded luxurious amenities that suites have, but you are in a public area with other club seat users and can purchase whatever quantity of seats you need for your group.

Don't forget Tailgate & Parking

We offer the Packer Fan Tours Tailgate Party held just steps away from Lambeau Field and features unlimited food, drinks, and pre-game Packers entertainment. It's best celebration before the game!

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Exact Location Tickets

Here you can select seating by exact section/row if you wish. You may also find larger blocks of seating all together in this area if you have that need. If making a very specific selection is not important to you, you will typically get greater value by purchasing under "General Category" seating area.

We're sorry, this game has no tickets in this category.

Section / RowPriceAvailableOrder
Section: 303  Row: 6
Mobile tickets must have smart device to enter the event. do not print these tickets.

3 Tickets

Section: 124  Row: 6
Hardstock tickets; closest lower

6 Tickets

Section: 120  Row: 5
Hardstock tickets; 3rd best lower

4 Tickets

B / Row: 10
Hardstock tickets; 10th row right center

2 Tickets

D / Row: 5
Hardstock tickets; 5th row left center

6 Tickets

Need Anything Else?

If you need more than just game tickets, remember we also offer game packages with pregame parties and with hotel lodging, etc.